Pay-Per-Call & Lead Marketing

Live Calls and Leads From Potential Patients Delivered To You

Pay-Per-Call & Lead Marketing

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Medical Marketing For Doctors & Dentists

Are you tired of losing clients to your competitors? Great, how many more patients can you handle?

You see our job is to send you phone calls and (leads) inquiries from potential patients and clients. People actively searching for dentists, medical practices, plastic surgeons , cosmetic surgeons and medical spas.

Your job is to answer the phone and turn potential clients into customers.

Our question to you is this… If we send you live calls and leads (inquiries) from people actively looking for your services, can you pick up the phone?

Checkout The Calculator Above To See How Adding A Few More Patients Can Transform Your Business.

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You will be provided with an account to check all your calls, the times of calls, the number they called from and each call is recorded.

All our calls 100% guaranteed to be from real people interested in your service. You are never charged more than 1 time per call within a 30 day period. You are NOT charged for wrong numbers or telemarketers. Like all other forms of advertising some prospects will shop around it’s up to your team to turn the shopper into a buyer.

Yes, our calls and leads are exclusive. This is a partnership, we will not resell a lead or call to your competitors. One lead or call is sent exclusively to one business and one business only.
Whenever we expand into a new area, Lawson and Abbaci always take on 2-3 partners so we don’t overwhelm our partners with too many calls and leads.

Ultimately, we’re looking for the 1 business that is going to grow with us and work with us for the next 10 years. The kind of company that when passed down or sold will still be getting high quality leads from us!

Both calls and leads connect you to people actively looking for the services you provide.
A ‘call’ is a live telephone call sent to a tracking number assigned to you. This guarantees that you know that the calls came via Lawson & Abbaci.
A ‘lead’ is an online request from a potential customer forwarded to you via SMS text message or email.

A valid call is from an individual interested in the services your company provides.

A valid lead lead is submitted online by an individual interested in the services you provide. The lead must contain valid contact information, including a working telephone number.

It’s important that telephone calls are answered quickly. In cases where delays in picking up promptly result in hang-ups and voicemails, these are considered valid calls. We charge for any call where we are able to determine the caller’s intent. The ability to answer calls quickly is critical to your success. Callers are increasingly impatient. Too many rings, placing the caller on hold for long periods of time or sending them to voicemail can result in them hanging up.

The following are NOT considered valid calls and leads:

Duplicates (same phone number, for the same service, within a 30 day period)

Wrong numbers

Spam calls


Outside of your coverage area

All other types of calls and leads, not included above, are considered valid. Our system will often identify invalid calls so that you never get charged for them.

No. The only investment we require is the initial deposit used to start generating calls and leads. If your initial investment doesn’t generate an acceptable return on investment, then there’s no obligation to continue.
After your initial reserve, you can cancel your account at any time. In addition, it’s easy to pause your account if you are going on vacation or temporarily unable to accept new business.



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